Beurer LR 330 Air Purifier

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Brand: Beurer


  • Beurer LR330 HEPA air purifier cleans the air while humidifying it, for the perfect home environment
  • HEPA filter air purifier that covers rooms of up to 35 square metres (114 square feet)
  • Amazingly quiet operation with timer settings and automatic switch off
  • Illuminated LCD display shows you the current humidity and allows for custom settings
  • Filters out air pollution and odours, removing 99.97% of germs, dust, pollen, animal hair and more

Binding: DIY & Tools

Details: The powerful Beurer LR330 air purifier and humidifier will leave the air in your home blissfully clean, odourless and comfortable to breathe and live in beurer lr330Many cities and towns are suffering from an increasing and dangerously high level of smog – thought to lead to 40-50,000 deaths a year due to the health problems it causes. This is not necessarily remedied by being inside, as air from the outside gets trapped in and recirculated. There are also the issues of contaminants like mould, pollen, tobacco smoke, cleaning products and animal dander. As well as pollution, there is the problem of air that is too dry. It’s recommended that indoor air should be between 40-60% humidity but this is often not reached. When air is too dry it can have the following effects: Dries out skin, eyes and lips, particularly if you have a skin condition such as eczema Dries out the mucus membranes in the lungs and throat, weakening the immune system Exhaustion, tiredness and difficulty concentrating Increases dust and electrostatic charges in textiles Damages wooden furniture and floors Detunes musical instruments The Beurer air purifier humidifier uses a super effective 3-layer filter to purify the air in any room while also humidifying, leaving your air clean, fresh smelling and comfortable to breathe. The fan sucks in air through the pre-filter, removing larger particles like dust, dirt and hair. Next is an activated carbon filter that removes formaldehyde, benzene and other poisonous gases as well as any odours that may be around. The third stage is a HEPA filter – this stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air and is the most effective type of air filter available, removing 99.97% of particles. Finally, it is enriched with water from the 4.6 litre tank to humidify it to the desired level. You are left with clean, fresh, odourless and perfectly comfortable air that will make your home a pleasure to be in.

Package Dimensions: 20.2 x 16.8 x 12.4 inches

Beurer LR 330 Air Purifier

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